“Ruth Price: Irrepressible Impresario” by Kirk Silsbee

Excerpt: "[Ruth] Price has been one of the two most important Los Angeles jazz impresarios for the last 25 years.  She’s presented the music in spaces where the focus is on listening, without the distractions that are inevitably part of hearing jazz in restaurants or nightclubs.  She’s also made the music available to young listeners and musicians—not just with student admissions-- but routinely booking school ensembles of all stripes at the Bakery."

Quincy Jones is on our new Tumblr Jukebox

Ever wonder what music your favorite artists listen to? We do. So we started a listening blog called Jazz Bakery Jukebox. It's basically Desert Island Discs with commercial-free streaming music and mobile apps. Luring guest DJs from the the Jazz Bakery marquee, our "Artist's Choice" series lets you hear the classics, the deep cuts and the obscure tracks treasured by the pros - accompanied by original liner notes. It's one way to keep the music playing between shows.