LA Times

While walking from his sculpture and painting studios to his recording studio on a typically Pacific-breezy afternoon, trumpeter, A&M Records co-founder and philanthropist Herb Alpert paused to describe his first brush with a horn.

It was at a music appreciation class when he was a kid, Alpert, 82, said during a tour of his oceanfront Malibu property. He arrived to find a table full of instruments, including a trumpet.

As soon as I started to make a noise that made sense, man, this trumpet was talking for me,” Alpert says, passing a dozen of his column-sized, totemic sculptures. “It was saying things I couldn’t get out of my mouth.”

Alpert had invited a guest to his compound to discuss his relentless creative output, specifically his two recent albums: “The Christmas Wish,” his first holiday record in 50 years, and “Music, Vol. 1,” a collection of cover songs that, he writes in the liner notes, fulfills his desire to “make uplifting music at a time when the whole world feels like it could use some.”

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