Sun, Feb 14, 2016 - 8:00 pm
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New Roads School at The Herb Alpert Educational Village
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Fresh Air Interview with Terry Gross

Fresh Air Interview with Terry Gross

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The Perfect Valentine!

There is not a wasted note to be found on Now This.” Peacock, Copland and Baron have expertly developed a thought-provoking collection rendered by brilliant performers. The trio balances introspection and drive with a masterfully subtle touch.

Gary Peacock in now 80. His bass is still an independent, melodic voice.  Improvising is more airy, the swinging more elastic; everything's more open... This is not about nostalgia for back in the day, but one key reason why things have changed is the way Gary Peacock exploded the bassist's role all those years ago. The impact of his spare, self-contained figures of mysterious expectancy... the haunting high bass lines... melodies linger, dissolve and reappear. But his quietude is deceptive — there's plenty going on.

Joey Baron has played a lot of rollicking drums and he can "stir the pot" but he'd rather underplay than kill the mood. His playing is a master class in varied, efficient, low-key swing. Baron's a regular Monet with the brushes! Joey is one of the best drummers in the business. He is smooth as silk. 

Pianist Marc Copland has worked with Peacock in various settings for three decades and is a master of harmonics. His work with guitarist John Abercrombie and saxophonist Greg Osby reflects his  round, clear, easily recognized keyboard touch. He is one of the finest pianists and composers on the scene.

The trio on Now This sounds transported. Their solos spill from the song, overflowing with its joy.


  • Gary Peacock
  • Marc Copland
  • Joey Baron

Gaia - Gary Peacock Trio