Sat, Mar 2, 2024 - 8:00 pm
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The Nimoy
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Parking lot entrance is on Glendon Avenue, directly to the left (north) of the LA Public Library, Westwood Branch. (GPS: 10866 Wilshire Blvd.) Exit the parking structure and walk to the venue along Wilshire or Wellworth. $3 discount parking after 5 pm.

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Sep 7
Moss Theater

For the first time since 2018, the Jazz Bakery presents a unique and exceptional duo: organist Larry Goldings and guitarist Larry Koonse.

"Larry Goldings is a Grammy-nominated organist, keyboardist, composer, and songwriter. (And let’s not forget the wry goings-on of his alter ego “Hans Groiner”). Goldings‘ music sparkles with quick-witted changes, but he always knows where he’s headed, even as the wheels “skim the edge.” It’s all part of the joyful immersion in a Goldings Groove.” –

Goldings‘ organ trio with Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart has been recognized as the gold standard for charting new ground, with synergistic playing and hard-swinging yet thoughtful music.” –The New York Times

“Guitarist Larry Koonse is the first to under-sell his enormous talent. He is consistently praised by his peers and press for his lovely sound, splendid technique and charming vocabulary, not to mention his propulsive, infectious, down-to-earth time!! It is obviously a joy to be on the bandstand with him.” –JazzIs

Larry Koonse is a true master and one of the most admired jazz guitarists in the world for good reason. We are so lucky to have him in L.A when he’s not touring the world with jazz legends. ...And the same can be said for Larry Goldings, I know no other musician who is more deeply loved and respected by his musical peers. This is a pairing not to be missed” –Tierney Sutton

Larry Koonse is one of the most interesting guitarists I’ve ever played with or heard. His solos combine the intellectualness of a New York Times word game with the lyricism of Claude Debussy and the swing of Wes Montgomery. He’s a sublime musician.” –Peter Erskine

“Concerts and Conversations with Southern California Jazz Legends” funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.