Fri, May 24, 2019 - 8:00 pm
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Moss Theater
New Roads School at The Herb Alpert Educational Village
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Alan Pasqua... a synonym for extraordinary musicality!

One is dazzled by the list of who’s who in jazz the man has played with and written for ! With Pasqua, it’s all about the net result, (which has been consistently brilliant). His ability to fade into the background, while transcending it is key. —The New Yorker

Alan’s lightness of touch, combined with innate taste and superb technical skills sneaks up on you. The absence of expectation insinuates itself into your consciousness. No idle stream-of-consciousness here: Alan is an economical player for whom each note and chord is given the utmost attention as is his enriching choice of bassist Darek Oles and drummer Conor Malloy. —Downbeat

There’s an unabashed romanticism about Pasqua's work that makes it eminently accessible, while still extremely substantive. Alan’s style is refined yet playful in a less-is-more kind of way. His artistry appeals on many levels—but by avoiding the obvious and eschewing virtuosic displays, he creates an ambiance where one has to pay attention to truly appreciate the riches revealed beneath the soft and engaging surface. —Jazz Times

I am hooked on Alan Pasqua. Just take a listen to “Highway 14” off his album My New Old Friend. Ruth Price


  • Alan Pasqua
    piano, composer, arranger
  • Darek Oles
  • Conor Malloy

Alan Pasqua - Highway 14

Portable Universe # 118 - The Alan Pasqua Trio live at the Moss Theater 09/11/16